Our A+ team is comprised of ambitious and highly driven student brand ambassadors and professional contractors who make success their standard. Here, we celebrate our top achievers and thank them for their dedication and for inspiring us to always aim 'beyond maintenance.'


Our TOP A+ Brand Ambassador Achievers

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Brooke Osiel

Brooke has been with A+ for the last two years. When she first started with the company she was shy, timid and uncertain of her skills but today she is an outgoing, enthusiastic and confident ambassador who is a role model for all who join A+. Brooke’s latest achievement was getting accepted to the prestigious Smiths School of Business at Queens. Way to make us proud Brooke!

“I have made life long friends at a place where I work. Can't think of a better work environment than A+"  

- Brooke


Daniel Salganik

Daniel was our 2016 top sales rep from the driveway sealing division. Coming from a minimum wage job, Daniel quickly realized he was settling for much less then he deserved and never looked back since. He continues to be a core member of our company and has set his targets high for the upcoming 2017 season. We look forward to his ongoing success and development with A+. 

“A+ has shown me that you never have to settle for anything less than you deserve"  

- Daniel


Luke Buckberrough

Luke is our youngest A+ team member and a remarkable ambassador. Being only 16, Luke has learned to carry himself in a professional setting all while gaining skills that he deems invaluable for his future development. Luke stands as a testament that age is just a number and success a mindset. He continues to inspire all those around him. We cannot wait to see what he will accomplish in the coming years with A+. 

“A+ gives me the skills necessary to shape my future"

- Luke


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